Christian Hip-Hop Artist and Saxophonist Karlton Jones Is Slated to Make this His Biggest Year Yet with His New Album “The Calling” that Blends Rap, Rock, R&B, and Jazz into a Message that Highlights the Meaning of Life

Karlton Jones is no amateur when it comes to Hip-Hop and even Jazz. Since 1998 his passion to pursue music became a reality; however, his true purpose was not yet fully revealed. Several years past while performing secular music until a near death experience changed his life forever. During this difficult time in his life God revealed to him that the music and choices he made should be to glorify Jesus Christ. Ever since Karlton has been determined to share the good news of the Gospel around the world to those who don't know the meaning of life. Being an accomplished jazz saxophonist and Christian Hip-Hop artist sets Karlton in a class of his own.  Some of Karlton's talents consist of:
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  • Song Writing
  • Music Production
  • Music Ministry Worship Leader
Industry leader in providing music that glorifies Jesus Christ and advances His Kingdom upon the earth. 

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      To provide the highest quality  
      musicianship that glorifies Jesus Christ
      and advances his Kingdom upon the 
      earth with the saxophone an 
      instrument of Love
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To maintain and provide the highest level and quality of music production and Church music ministry worship leading services.
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Christian Rap/Hip Hop
Professional Saxophonist
Music Ministry Services
Piedmont Triad, NC 27107
In the world we live in music, television, radio, and every media outlet in between has a direct impact upon the lives of those that are entertained by these things.  Often times celebrities and other leaders that are in the public view are challenged with choosing to positively make a difference in the lives of those they touch.  Karlton's ministry strives to make a positive impact in the world by following the example of Jesus Christ.  Karlton is dedicated to Glorifying God with the talents he has been given. He hopes to share his talents and life experiences with the world in a non judgmental way that will help others experience a more abundant and fulfilled life. 
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Karlton's new album "The Calling" is now available on iTunes. Click the picture above to purchase!