Karlton’s Testimony

“I believe we are all commissioned to do great things in life for Jesus Christ”

As far as I can remember I have always had a love for music. I can remember when I was about 7 years old riding in the car with my Father playing Kenny G jazz and I absolutely loved it and wanted to know what instrument made that sound. This curiosity along with my father’s guidance eventually led me to begin playing the saxophone in middle school. In high school my mother bought me a soprano saxophone and I quickly received the nick name Karlton G. Throughout high school my love for Hip Hop music also grew and while in college at NC State I first began to record rap songs on my dorm room computer. Throughout college and after graduation my passion to become a professional recording artist grew stronger and it lead me to join a secular hip hop group. This secular hip hop group opened up shows for well known hip hop artist such as Jadakiss, and The Ying Yang Twins as well as recorded a music video with Petey Pablo. The success of this secular hip hop group I joined lead our group to relocate to Atlanta, GA to hopefully obtain a record deal. While living in Atlanta, GA I became sick and had a near death experience. During that time I lost my job. I can remember before I got sick I believe God allowed me to hear His audible voice as mentioned in the bible (1 Kings 19: 11-13). The voice called my name and in a tone of love that let me know what I was about to go through was for my own good. During that time I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. I started living my life differently making positive choices and music that glorified God. God began to heal my body and blessed me with another job that paid 3 times more than my previous job. Today God has blessed me with a beautiful family, a wife and two kids.  My first Christian hip hop album titled “The Calling” released in 2014 and was a great success.  I’m excited about my new Christian Hip Hop and Jazz Saxophone EP “Brighter Day” and I truly believe it will encourage others to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and a Brighter Day!

Karlton’s Entrepreneurial Career

During his career Karlton has been a engineer by day and a recording artist by night. Karlton has worked full time for multiple pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  He was also a successful entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  He was the founder and CEO of Kajo Validation Incorporated, which provided regulatory compliance, innovative engineering, and technical services staffing resources to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  Karlton’s experience in process / equipment validation engineering, quality engineering, and process engineering allowed him to mentor his employees and proivde his clients qualified staffing resources to meet their project needs.

The Calling Records

Karlton is the co-founder of a new church plant The Calling Church and as a result he decided to create and be the founder and CEO of The Calling Records LLC and Karlton Jones Music Publishing LLC and KJ Productions.  Karlton has 25 years of experience as a saxophonist, 8 years of experience as a pianist, and 16 years of experience as a producer and recording artist in the music business.

Good Fruit 

From the suggestion of a good friend Karlton decided to create and be the founder and CEO of Good Fruit.  Good Fruit is a new television show that plays exclusive new music and interviews of Christian speakers and recording artist that come to North Carolina while they are on tour.

How To Kidz 

The How To Kidz aka HTK is a YouTube channel that Karlton created as a way to spend quality time with his kids.  This YouTube channel features amazing science experiments that even adults will enjoy doing.  Karlton’s kids are featured in these video’s.

KJ Productions

KJ Productions is Karlton’s music production company.  Karlton owns a recording studio (Studio K) and produces songs for other recording artists as well as for himself.  Karlton uses ProTools for his DAW with an AKG C414-XLS mic and a Roland Fantom G8 workstation to record and produce music. Karlton works with Dale Ramsey of Ramtrax Entertainment who mixes and masters his music.  Dale is a Grammy nominated engineer, producer, and recording artist.  Check out Karlton’s latest hits on SoundCloud by clicking the KJ Productions logo to the right.