Seven elements that will propel your music career to new heights!

For those of us that are unsigned artist we need to constantly think of creative ideas that will help our music reach new heights of success.  Our product that we offer is our music and this is called our brand.  I’ve recently been reading a book titled “Primal Branding” by Patrick Hanlon and I think every recording artist needs to know about and read.  This book lists seven elements that when used can make any brand succeed.  I’ve listed the elements and notes I’ve taken from reading this book below:

1. Create your creation story for your website.  Tell about your history and what you believe in.  How did you start and where are you now.
2.  Make a creed.  Your creed is your simple mission statement.  It can be a few sentences or a few words like Nike’s creed “Just Do It!”
3.  Create an icon, logo, or word mark for your brand.  An example of a word mark is the FedEx word mark with the arrows. If you google FedEx you will see a picture of it.
4.  Make rituals.  Rituals are similar to acts of service for your customers/fans like live performances or daily interactions you have with your customers (e.g. tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube video posts).  The key is to be consistent with your rituals.
5.  Make sacred words.  Sacred words are text, language, and quality conversations you have with your customers/fans. The lyrics you write and record for your songs are sacred words.  Words you make up for your songs to have more swag and spark conversation (e.g. Fasho! or Chea!) are sacred words.
6.  Make known who the leader is.  If you are a solo artist then you are the leader.  If you are a band make known who the leader is or tell your fans that all the members are leaders.  Be original, be unique, and dare to be different.
7.  Recognize there will be pagans.  Pagans are other artists or people that don’t agree with you or people who hate on you aka haters.  Pagans don’t believe in you, your mission, or vision.
If you apply these seven elements then they will help propel your music career to new heights.
I’d love to hear your feed back.  Please leave a comment below and share this article.  Be blessed and have success!
Karlton Jones