Three Feet From Gold

A few years ago I read a book that was very interesting.  The book is titled “Three Feet From Gold”.  This book was derived from another book titled “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  Both of these books are a must read for unsigned recording artists or anyone that has a dream that they want to accomplish.  The foundational principles in these books are about never giving up on your dreams even when things look impossible just don’t give up.  These books have principles listed in them and if you apply these principles to your life that other successful people have used then you will be successful.  Below are my notes from reading Three Feet From Gold:

1. The most common cause for failure is quitting.
2. Before great success comes you will be sure to meet with temporary defeat.
3. Select your path then seek council from those who have expertise outside your own.
4. Freely share with others the lessons you have learned. When you become successful you should mentor others.
5. Work your strengths and hire your weaknesses.
6. Never make a major decision in a valley/low depressed state of mind.
7. A dream is just a dream until it is written down, then it becomes a goal.
8. A formula for success is P+T x A x A = Passion + Talent x Association x Action.
9. Have faith.  There is a big difference between believing something and knowing it.
10. Stop over planning.
11. Dream big and never stop short of reaching the top.
12. Focus on building relationships with people more than self promotion and profits.  Building relationships will eventually lead to profits.
13. The most successful people are the most accessible people.  The most successful people want to teach others how to become more successful.
14. Stay on your toes and set the highest standards.
15. You never feel or remember the blows, you only feel the victory.  When you get knocked down, just get back up again…victory will come.
I hope you all are blessed by these notes and I hope that you apply them to your life.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this article. Be blessed and have much success!
Karlton Jones